Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 Quiz

Man, this is embarrassing. So I, a Blair Witch super fan, went on this spooky tour in the woods of Maryland and wouldn’t you know it? I tripped and bopped myself on the head! Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Who goes on Jeff’s haunted tour of the Blair Witch and Why?

2) Later on, in the first evening, another tour group shows up at Rustin Parr’s house claiming that they have the right to camp there. How does the group trick them into leaving, and what happens to them?

3) The next morning they end up leaving after Tristan, unfortunately, having a miscarriage after having a spooky dream. Prior to leaving Maryland though they need a place to crash and head off to Jeff’s house. What was Jeff’s house originally and how did he get it?

4) While reviewing the footage from the night before they realize there is a missing chunk of footage. How do they end up seeing the footage and what was on it?

5) Ultimately how many people die during the course of the film and how?


1) Two grad students (Stephen and Tristan) who are writing a thesis on the Blair Witch, a Wiccan (Erica) and a goth (Kim). The grad students are studying mass hysteria as it related to the original film. The others just seem like they wanted to go because they are into witches.

2) They are tricked into leaving by Stephen who says they shouldn’t worry about them cramping their style because they were real spookified over at Coffin Rock earlier. The other tourists then insist that they want to go to Coffin Rock instead. Ultimately the entire tour group is killed (but by whom!? It’s by the main characters, obviously).

3) It was a factory, and he claims that the people who owned it didn’t want it and sold it to him for a dollar. It is one of the most incredibly hilarious horror film sets I’ve ever seen. Sadly, they don’t really do much with it, but it does look kind of cool in that cheesy 90s way.

4) After one of the characters (seemingly possessed by the Blair Witch) starts speaking backwards, another character suggests that they should play the footage backwards. And indeed, once they do that they see themselves going bananas in a trance before running off (naked) into the woods during the missing few hours of the night.

5) So I believe there were five people in the other tour group (because I think their bodies were placed in the form of a pentagram) who were all killed. Tristan is seemingly killed by Stephen (although they all think Kim killed herself), I think Erica was supposedly killed by Jeff (although they just find her body in a closet) and a gas station attendant is killed by Kim (although she thinks she just has some words with her). So they’re all going to prison.

Ahhhhhh, right. We all went to bed and then got hypnotized by a ghost and killed a bunch of people … I think. Honestly, I can’t remember a thing, but that seems to be what the spooky ghosts are trying to tell us.


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