Sex and the City 2 Quiz

Oh boy. So I was hanging with the gal pals in Abu Dhabi, soaking up that sun (and buying some shoes, natch) in the spice market, when I tripped and bopped my head! Now I can’t remember a thing. Can you remember what happened in Sex and the City 2?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What song does Liza Minnelli perform at the wedding at the beginning of the film?

2) What gifts do Big and Carrie give each other for their anniversary?

3) Why are Samantha and the girls invited out to an all expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi?

4) In the spice market of Abu Dhabi Carrie sees her old beau Aiden. Why is Aiden there?

5) Why is Samantha arrested at the hotel, why do they have to leave the hotel, and why are they rushing to the airport?


1) She performs Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it) by Beyonce. It is an absolute catastrophe and I recommend that no one watch this bit of the movie.

2) Carrie gets Big a vintage Rolex watch. It is really nice and thoughtful since, you know, Mr. Big is a vintage kind of guy. Big, thoughtlessly, gets a television inset into the vintage writing table in their bedroom. There is a story to it, they watch It Happened One Night in the hotel after the wedding, and that was romantic, and Big wants to relive that romantic moment … but it is just a bedroom television and that isn’t very romantic. It is a thing.

3) Samantha’s old boyfriend just shot a film there, and some of the producers, intrigued by the claim that Samantha made him into a movie star, want to see if Samantha’s publicity magic might work for the UAE. In the agreement Samantha convinces them that they have to bring out her whole crew.

4) Aiden is there buying rugs to go with his handmade furniture (in the show that was his job, he made handmade furniture or something). He has built up quite the business and business relationships in the region and happens to be passing through at that very moment, what a coincidence.

5) She is arrested for inappropriate sexual contact or something, although as she explains they weren’t having sex, they were only kissing. They end up having to leave the hotel because her business meeting is cancelled and so is the hotel room, which costs $22K a night. And they ultimately end up trying to rush to the airport because while Miranda managed to get them all booked on a flight home, if they miss that flight they’ll have to fly standby and in coach (which is obviously an unacceptable disaster).

Ah, right! Abu Dhabi kind of sucked and yada yada yada Mr. Big is fine even though he’s an asshole. I mean … I’m not joking, that is kind of the moral of the movie.


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