Graveyard Shift Quiz

Oh man, so I was just hired on to exterminate some rats in this old factory when lo and behold a giant rat/bat thing pops out and bops me on the head. Now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Graveyard Shift?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We meet our hero, John Hall, as he applies for a position at Warwick’s insane Maine cloth (?) factory. Why is this position open and why does he get it?

2) Meanwhile an equally insane exterminator has arrived to take care of the rats in the factory. Why is it so very urgent for Warwick to whip his factory basement into shape?

3) In the end how many people are conscripted to battle the rats in the basement?

4) What is the final death toll for the film?

5) And how does John Hall destroy the giant rat/bat that lives in the sunken cemetery below the factory?


1) The position is open because the giant rat/bat that lives under the factory popped out and pushed the last guy into the machine he was working on. John gets the job, despite Warwick’s suspicions of his righteousness, because he’s run a similar machine and is willing to take minimum wage for the brutal work.

2) It is really urgent because the health inspector’s been around and he doesn’t like the look of all them rats that live under the factory. The whole thing is a giant fire trap as well. He didn’t mention that, but even I could eyeball that despite having no qualifications for such an assessment.

3) Six (seven if you consider Warwick himself). John, Jane (John’s love interest), Danson, Brogan, Carmichael, and Ippeston. Originally, Warwick’s mistress Nordello was also assigned, but she died while trying to blackmail him as vengeance for the slight.

4) Nine people died during the course of the film I believe. The original guy in the beginning of the film gets pushed into his machine. There is a guy assigned to string up lights in the basement prior to the clean up effort who is dragged off. The exterminator Cleveland is killed in the cemetery the day before the clean up. Nordello also dies that night after getting pushed down the stairs. And then all but John and Ippeston of the seven person clean up crew die. Most are eaten by the giant rat/bat (Danson, Brogan, Carmichael, and Warwick). Jane is stabbed by Warwick at the end of the film.

5) Well the rat gets its tail stuck in the same machine the guy died in at the beginning of the film. And using his trusty slingshot and soda can he turns the machine on ultimately destroying the beast. The end.

Ah right, it turns out for … some reason, there is a giant rat/bat thing living under this factory and it is up to me, little ol’ drifter man, to set it straight. Go figure.


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