Little Nicky Quiz

So get this, I was a devil in a cooky version of hell where shit jokes thought up by 13-year-olds is the pinnacle of humor. But then the two garbage brothers left and things got nuts! And then I got bopped on the head by a big beast-man thing and can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Little Nicky?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At the beginning of the film the fires of hells freeze over. Why, and what does Little Nicky have to do to unfreeze Hell? What are the consequences if he doesn’t?

2) Who are the brothers disguised as initially?

3) Where does Nicky capture Cassius, and how does he trick him into the magic flask?

4) How does Nicky get Adrian back to Hell?

5) Who is Nicky’s mother and how did she meet the Devil, and what power does that mean Nicky has?

Bonus Question: When is the next time Nicky sees his mother?


1) Hell freezes over because Nicky’s brothers leave Hell. Nicky has to go get them and bring them back through the gates of hell at the exact same time. And if he doesn’t his dad, the devil, dies in about a week.

2) They are disguised as a Archbishop and the Mayor of New York, and they are ready to suggest to everyone that Sin is In!

3) He sees Cassius pretending to be a referee in a Harlem Globetrotter’s game, and plays one-on-one with him. After posterizing him with a slamming dunk, he says that it must be the delicious devil juice he has. Et voila, Cassius happily drinks from the flask.

4) Nicky pretends to be one of the satanists, and they lure Adrian to the area in the subway where Nicky comes out of hell. There, Valerie pretends to give some Peppermint Schnapps to them, which Adrian just can’t resist! But, he figures out that Nicky is pretending to be human because he isn’t sweating. And then, after some shenanigans, Nicky sacrifices himself to kill them both.

5) An angel, and it was during a Heaven/Hell mixer. And that means he can not only release the evil, but also the good. Which means … he can make like bunnies and Popeye’s Chicken appear.

Bonus Question Answer: When he dies duh. But in reality Valerie is a mortal woman, but also a good-hearted woman, and so she’ll go to heaven when she died. Nicky, being a good demon (?) can then merely get himself killed and go to heaven. That’s when he will be able to hang out with his mother and wife as one big happy family.

I think that is actually the first gettable bonus question I’ve thrown out there. I usually make up a story, but Little Nicky lacks a coherent plot line so that was impossible this time.


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