A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child Quiz

Oh boy, so here’s the thing. I live in a town which is haunted by a Dream Master who is killing all the teenagers. No problem, I just started to not sleep. Well, it’s been 10 days and I’m feeling a bit loopy, and honestly … I don’t remember anything, not even my name. I think I’m going insane. So, uh … do you remember what happened in A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) It’s graduation time for Alice, the star of the fourth Nightmare film and bonafide Dream Master, and her and her boyfriend, Dan, are gearing up for their big trip! Where are they going?

2) That night Dan gets a call from Alice to come over quick. Where was Dan, where was Alice, and ultimately what happens to Dan?

3) How is Freddy killing these kids considering none of them are the progeny of the Springwood residents who originally torched him?

4) Why is unborn Jacob helping Freddy?

5) What is the key (a plan implemented by Yvonne in the end) to defeating Freddy and once again condemning him to hell?

Bonus Question: What did Jacob end up doing once he grew up?


1) They are going to Paris for the summer. If they can escape Springwood first, that is! Ba ba baaaaaaaa!

2) Alice was stuck pulling a shift over at the old diner (remember that from the fourth film?) and Dan was at the pool party organized by Yvonne. Ultimately, in a dream Freddy turns Dan into a motorcycle and in real life Dan crashes into a truck. They think he was drunk because he had a bottle of champagne for Alice, but it was alllllllll Freddy for real.

3) The lore for the franchise is pretty interesting in that, until the sixth, they kind of suggest Freddy only kills the direct children of his attackers (which could be as few as 15 people although it is undoubtedly more). In this one since Alice is a Dream Master, Freddy can use her to draw innocent kids into his clutches (in both the fourth and fifth film these are Alice’s friends). Specifically in the fifth he is actually using Alice’s unborn son Jacob as his pathway to capture prey.

4) Freddy is poisoning his mind, suggesting that Alice hates him and is going to abandon him if/when he is born. In the end though that isn’t true and with the power of love Alice hopes to defeat Freddy.

5) It turns out that Freddy’s mother, the nurse from the asylum (remember that bit of lore from the third film?), wasn’t actually buried because they couldn’t find her body. It turns out the body is sealed behind a wall in the asylum, and Yvonne has to retrieve it and give it a proper burial. Freddy’s mother then goes into Alice’s dream and captures Freddy for them.

Bonus Answer: He became a mathematician. You can actually see him in another movie, Jurassic Park. He’s the kid in the beginning who calls the velociraptors large turkeys. That super rad and totally-not-terrifying experience actually came about because he was secretly obsessed with archaeology, and the whole thing was meant to be a joke, but that bully Alan Grant took it seriously and embarrassed him in front of everyone … never meet your heroes. Anyways, after the events of that film he was reading up in the news about Ian Malcolm and the not-so-nice things he had to say about mad scientists like Hammond, and watch out Alan Grant, Jacob has a new hero and his name is Dr. Malcolm the chaos theoretician. Working at his academics Jacob eventually does it and becomes a mathematician like his hero Ian Malcolm!! … wait, what movie were we talking about? Did we watch Jurassic Park this week?

Riiiiiight, we have to find someone’s bones (again) and consecrate them (again) to trap Freddy in Hell (again) … yeah, I suppose we probably should have figured that one out a bit quicker this time.


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