Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare Quiz

Oh boy, so last time I said that I hadn’t slept in 10 days. Well, now it has been 11 days and I set a new world record for staying up. Go me, but also my brain is dying and despite just watching it I don’t remember anything that happened in this film. Do you remember what happened in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Who is John Doe, a fact that even he doesn’t know in the beginning of the film?

2) Along for the ride are Tracy, Carlos, and Spenser. Why are they all in the juvenile center?

3) Who is Freddy’s child?

4) Why, is it revealed, can’t Freddy be killed?

5) In the final confrontation how do they, in fact, kill Freddy?

Bonus Questions: So, what happens to Springwood, Ohio?


1) He is the last surviving child of Elm Street, and, in a terrible twisting of the franchise lore, also the only child in all of Springwood (or something). It is real bad.

2) Well, it is intimated that everyone there is violent or into drugs basically. Tracy is violent due to trauma (probably sexual) inflicted by her father. It is revealed that Carlos is deaf due to abuse by his mother. And Spenser is the son of a rich guy who likes to smoke weed and build pipe bombs and in general just doesn’t want to be like his father.

3) Maggie, the social worker woman is it turns out. John thought he was, but he was just being used to bring the one true child back home. And then Freddy goes into her soul.

4) It is because of some weirdo dream worms thing who inhabit Freddy and have him forever dream world powers. For real, that is basically what is revealed in the film.

5) First, they finally bring back the idea of pulling Freddy out of a dream (from the first film!). So they first bring him back into the real world, that is step one. Step two is just … to kill him I guess, they ultimately blow him up with a pipe bomb and the magic dream worms run away laughing.

Bonus Answer: It becomes the world’s most famous ghost town obviously. There aren’t that many places with dozens of confirmed supernatural murders committed by genuine ghost Freddy Krueger. Maggie buys up the sweet distressed and discounted real estate and really tricks out the whole town as a spooky amusement park. The big attraction is Freddy’s Hell Twister, which involves the longest enclosed roller coaster drop in the world, Freddy’s Hell Hole! And if you want the five star experience, stay in-park in the genuine haunted hotel at 1428 Elm Street, you might just hear creepy children singing Freddy’s famous theme song in the hallways at night! Comes with complimentary fast pass and access to the park one hour before opening and one hour after closing except on major holidays when the park is opened late night for the Freddy’s Fireworks Festival. One, two, FreddyWorld is coming for you! 

Right right right right … but I don’t remember, what happened in Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare?


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