Problem Child Quiz

Man, the last thing I remember I was dipping and dodging from a car slamming into Big Ben’s Sports store. I sustained a pretty bad concussion though. Do you remember what happened in Problem Child?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) How does Junior end up getting acquainted with the Bow Tie Killer?

2) Why isn’t Little Ben’s father Big Ben handing the company over to Ben and who is he selling to instead?

3) How does the Bow Tie Killer escape prison?

4) What convinces Ben to return Junior to the orphanage … and then what convinces him that that is a terrible idea?

5) How much does the Bow Tie Killer want as ransom for Junior and Flo?

Bonus Question: What ever happened to Flo?


1) While doing chores he flips on the television to watch some cartoons and ends up seeing the re-apprehension of the killer on the news. Apparently he had escaped from prison and had just been recaptured.

2) Big Ben doesn’t want to sell to Ben because he views him as weak. He made Little Ben works absurdly hard for a decade without a promotion or raise, and Little Ben didn’t backstab or fight back. So he’s selling to a Japanese company instead.

3) At first he gets the warden thrown out of his psychoanalysis session by pretending to be sane (driving the warden insane). After that he actually goes insane and escapes in the psychologist’s car.

4) The incident that actually causes him to make the decision is the baseball game where Junior carries a bat around the bases and beat the crap out of all of the opposing players. But once Ben hears that Junior has been returned to the orphanage an astonishing thirty times he changes his mind and decides to not run away from his problem … child.

5) $100,000. That’s a pretty easy one, he wrote it in giant letters on the wall and also Ben screams it as well.

Bonus Answer: Ain’t it obvious? She travelled due south to the Orlando area. Along the way she bopped her head (natch) and got amnesia, awakening in Mortville with little knowledge of who she was. Igor Peabody saw her and thought she was going to reveal his terrible orphanage past in Cold Water, and so convinces her that her name is Annie, that she’s a nurse, and even pawns off another local troublemaking orphan onto her named Annie. Voila. That that, my friends, is why Mr. Peabody is so afraid when Ben and Junior show up in Mortville! What are the chances?! It is literally insane. Anyways, new amnesiac Flo aka Annie and Ben live happily ever after none the wiser that they are, in fact, still married from before.

In this world we are lead to believe that no matter when Mr. Peabody happens to move, Ben and Junior will soon follow, and that there are doppelgangers of a ton of people … it is kind of great.


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