Mannequin: on the Move Quiz

So there I was dressing up a Mannequin (again), when it comes to life (again) and bops me on the head (again). Now I can’t remember a thing (again)! Do you remember what happened in Mannequin: on the Move?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Jessie is a normal girl living in a fictional country just wanting to marry her beau. But then she gets cursed by an eeeevil wizard and becomes a statue. Under what two conditions would she unfreeze?

2) Jason on the other hand is about to start his new job at the department store. What are his initial responsibilities?

3) And as part of those responsibilities Jason needs to go pick up the enchanted statue from the airport. Why is the enchanted statue coming to Philadelphia?

4) The bulk of the film is Jason trying to save the very much alive Jessie from being kidnapped by the eeeeeevil Count Spretzle. Why does Jason get arrested and how is he freed?

5) How many people become Mannequins during the course of the film?

Bonus Question: Obvs Jessie and Jason fall in love (awwwwww) and get married, by what does it say they do afterwards?


1) The main one is if she meets her true love, he/she would be able to take the cursed necklace off of her and she would unfreeze. This, obviously, is Jessie. The second is if exactly 1000 years pass, that is the condition the Count hopes to exploit, spiriting his beautiful bride off to Bermuda during his tour of America.

2) Well, he ends up being the assistant to Hollywood Montrose of course! Just like his prequel counterpart Jonathan before him. So he puts up signs around the store, helps Hollywood with the show, and interfaces with the representatives from the fictional country.

3) As mentioned, Count Spretzle is taking the enchanted peasant girl to America on false pretenses. He convinced the Queen that the tour would be good for tourism (which she seems to not actually care about). But in reality his very distant relative was the eeeeevil wizard that cursed the peasant girl, so Spretzle knows that if he times it just right Jessie will unfreeze when she is with him in America. They will then travel surreptitiously to Bermuda where they will live unhappily in a loveless marriage forever, oh no!

4) He is arrested for stealing the national treasure of Count Spretzle’s country of course. How Jessie doesn’t seem to realize all he has to do is take off the necklace is beyond me. He is sprung from jail by Hollywood Montrose who convinces the guard that he’s an army officer looking for an AWOL soldier (Jessie) for court martial. Actually not a bad plan if you had the forged paperwork in order.

5) Three in total. Jessie of course is a Mannequin multiple times during the film. Hollywood Montrose becomes a mannequin once (I’m not sure why the curse didn’t apply to him though …). And at the end Count Spretzle is made into a Mannequin and mostly destroyed. And yeah, I’m capitalizing Mannequin on purpose. It is a Mannequin-brand mannequin.

Bonus Answer: Well, there is a serious issue here which is that Jessie basically doesn’t exist. So initially after having some trouble with the U.S. government they do manage to get Jessie a social security card, a birth certificate (forged of course), and U.S. citizenship (it was easier to just go that route instead of trying to declare her a citizen of Hauptmann-Koenig). The second issue is that she is functionally illiterate, so next was getting her a GED (and boy howdy, that involved a lot of tutoring, she literally had never set foot in school). Ultimately all’s well that ends well because Jason takes over the online dating business of his mother’s just as the big dot com boom of the 90s is in full swing, and Jessie works as his personal assistant and secretary during those heady days out in Silicon Valley. Using his department store wiles, Jason gets out just before the crash, moves back to Philadelphia, and becomes the youngest state senator in Pennsylvania history. Jason and Jessie live lovely lives with their three children Jamie, Jackson, and Jasmine. We don’t have any room for sad sack storying in the Mannequin universe, only true love!

Awwwwww, I knew it was going to work out between those two. They were (literally) destined to be together.


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