Mannequin Quiz

So there I was dressing up a Mannequin for the big morning reveal (obviously) when all of a sudden it came to life, bopped me on the head, and now I don’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Mannequin?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film our hero loses his job … well many jobs. And all for the same reason in the end. What reason does he lose all of these jobs?

2) And how does our hero get his job at the department store?

3) What window displays does he and the mannequin make throughout the film?

3) Why does Richards (James Spader) get fired?

4) In the end our arch-villain (Roxie … wait is that right?) is chased through the store by Switcher. What is Roxie trying to do to foil Switcher’s career and gain power at Illustra?

Bonus Question: At the end of the film Emmy and Swisher get married and live happily ever after, where do they go afterwards?


1)  He loses the jobs because he’s a sculptor! And he must sculpt goddamnit. Even if it is as a pizza shop, or as a gardener, or as a balloon artist. And that is why he had to sculpt mannequins … it just took him a month to make. Apparently that is slow.

2) Randomly he is passing by in the morning while a large sign is being hung to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the store. When the sign falls, he saves the owner of the store and ends up hanging for dear life from the swinging sign. In exchange for saving her life, the store owner gives him a job.

3) Well, the first display is a tennis display, complete with moving tennis ball. The second is even more impressive with a bicycle race scene complete with moving bicycles. The third is a cruise scene (brought to you by Carnival Cruises). The fourth was maybe like a … commuter scene, it was hard to tell, but people were getting dressed and there was a bus so, maybe.

4) Well, he sucks mostly. But basically he hates Switcher, constantly denegrates him, and the board is tired of his shit. Illustra’s sales are down 90%, Prince & Co.’s must be up 900%. But there might just be a major twist coming from the owner of Illustra.

5) She is going to straight murder the titular Mannequin!!!! Oh no. All of the mannequins are going to be shredded in a giant … shredder I guess. What a disaster!!!

Bonus Answers: The Big Apple obviously, Philadelphia can’t contain their love and his incredibly sculpting skillz! He is Pygmalion and she is his muse. That’s right, he spends his long illustrious career sculpting nude figurines of Emmy in all different shapes and sizes, across all ages. It is a beautiful love that is featured as a cover story in the New York Times Magazine, and he gets a full showcase at the Museum of Modern Art. They have four kids, Emilia, James, Kevin, and Clarrisa, who open a real estate agency in Connecticut together. It truly is a one of a kind story. It is all detailed in Jonathan Swisher – Mannequin, Aren’t I Lucky? A Memoir.

The New York Times spread is really quite fascinating. The time they spent discovering Emmy’s ancestry in Egypt? All of those murders!? You wouldn’t believe it.


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