Mr. Wrong Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing. I really wanted that perfect bro to hang out with, and I found the guy! He was amazing … well, right up until he went insane and became a stalker. The last thing I remember is he bopped me on the head and I was trapped by him in a hospital! Do you remember what happened in Mr. Wrong?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning of the film Martha’s friend Walter asks her out. What does Walter do on Martha’s show? Bonus points for naming the show.

2) How does Martha meet the titular Mr. Wrong, Whitman?

3) What does Whitman say he does for a living? What does he actually do?

4) Once Whitman decides to “be himself” what things does he decide to do?

5) How many people does she shoot on her wedding day and how does she get the gun?

Bonus Question: So how long does Martha’s and Walter’s relationship last?


1) He is her assistant. He brings her a series of tapes on famous White House pets for a sequence on the show. And yeah, the show is called Daybreak. Or Daybreak San Diego … might be a CSI: Miami situation I don’t know.

2) Well, Martha goes to a bar and wants to play a sad song on Valentine’s Day, but accidentally drops the quarter. While trying to retrieve it, Whitman comes by and plays the exact song she was planning on playing. They end up having an impromptu date.

3) He says he’s an investor. The way he describes it suggests he is, in fact, a day trader. And he writes poetry. Although later on he takes his book out and it looks like it is maybe unpublished … and the poems are a bit odd. And … well, he actually doesn’t do anything, he lives off a trust fund and is a lunatic.

4) Well, first he makes Martha steal a beer, which he drinks in the car, and throws it out of the car and hits an old man. He introduces Martha to his mother where they play a terrible game of charades. He breaks his own finger in a cafe … which is insane. He sends her a bunch of gifts including an authentic Joe Monatan football. He stalks her to her parents’ house and dresses like a clown outside her window on giant stilts. He sends an enormous number of gifts at her house. He embarasses her at the opera, and then gets her fired from her job. Ultimately he kidnaps her and tries to force her to marry him in Mexico.

5) She shoots two people. She accidentally shoots Whitman’s mother. And then she intentionally shoots Whitman. She got the gun because she desperately called Walter and asked him to come to Mexico and bring it. He nicely did, and then she breaks her out of prison as well.

Bonus Answer: Ha! Trick question. They still don’t go out. After all that, Walter is still definitely in the friendzone. But also, I think he ultimately realizes that after all of that, Martha isn’t the woman for him. Good friends, yeah, but dating? Getting married? They work better together professionally and platonically. Speaking of which, Martha and Walter both leave Daybreak. Martha is asked back, but she realizes the betrayal and broken trust is too much and makes an impassioned speech in which Walter walks out with her. And yeah, it is the same as Jerry Maguire. It is the same scene, expect with Ellen instead of Tom Cruise. I don’t know why I’m explaining this, this is all explained in the sequel Sunset: San Diego.

No one got the reference and were deeply confused when they realized it was a sequel to Mr. Wrong. Not least of which because Ellen was replaced by Abby Elliot, and there were zero common castmembers.


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