Tom and Jerry Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing. I live in a world where animals are cartoons and they beat the shit out of each other. And I was caught in a war between a cat and mouse and (being that I’m not a cartoon) I sustained a massive concussion and now can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Tom and Jerry (2021)?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) When we first meet Jerry and Kayla they both have jobs, what are they? Why is Kayla fired from her job?

2) Kayla likes to sneak into hotels to steal food when she isn’t working though. And today she hears a juicy piece of gossip, it looks like they are hiring a new assistant for the wedding of the century. But there is a very very qualified candidate there before her, how does she dispatch this pest?

3) Oh yeah, the whole B-story. There is a huuuuuuge wedding happening. And throughout the affair there are three main things that the couple have discussions about. Two are animals that are to appear at the wedding, and one is a technological device. What are they?

4) Oh yeah, and there is a whole storyline with Michael Peña wanting to get Kayla fired. But, instead Peña is the one that is fired. Why? But he also gets the last laugh because he gets Kayla fired. How?

5) In the end Kayla, Tom, and Jerry save the day by organizing an impromptu second wedding. Where is the wedding?

Bonus Question: Kayla seemed to be besties with the bride by the end of the movie, why did she see her next?


1) Well Jerry has a “job” in that he performs street music in Central Park while dreaming of playing Madison Square Garden someday (weirdly, spoiler alert, he doesn’t in the film. Failure of Chekov’s Madison Square Garden Performance stunningly). Kayla is a drone in the gig economy, bringing freshly clean laundry to the workers of NYC. Well, she was, until Jerry runs into her and spills her morning job on the street. And with that she is fire, such is the fickle nature of the gig economy.

2) She tricks her into thinking that Kayla is the interviewer, and worse yet, she’s already failed the interview!! Kayla then steals her resume, tears off the top bit, and takes that job in an incredibly unethical manner. That’s our hero!

3) They initially talk about how they are going to have live peacocks at the wedding (fun I guess). And then they decide they are going to, in fact, ride into the ceremony on elephants as well (a bit much). And finally, they are going to have retrofitted military drones which will take wedding photographs for them (that would be very loud and annoying, no thanks).

4) Well, was Peña fired? Hard to tell, he’s put on leave. But it is because Tom, Jerry, and a dog get into a fight, forming an animal tornado with Peña in the middle of it, which completely destroys the hotel lobby. Bad for Peña, good for Kayla … right up until, using his now abundance of free time, he gets Tom and Jerry back in time to also destroy the wedding by terrifying the elephants and destroying the cake.

5) The final wedding is in Central Park, where this all began. How quaint and definitely illegal. And the wedding ends up being just as opulent as the original one! It is a ridiculous conclusion to a ridiculous movie.

Bonus Answer: Well, funny story. The next year, Kayla is invited to London for the International Hotelier Symposium. She is going to learn a bit more about eco-friendly hotelling, and Tom and Jerry are coming along as a demonstration of humane pest control measures. Well guess who is there? That’s right, Preeta and Ben, who are on month 12 of their around the world honeymoon (yeah it is a bit much). In the end, Tom and Jerry wreak havoc as usual, the eeeeeevil pest control unit is brought in to take care of Jerry, and Kayla, Preeta, and Ben have to figure out a way to save Tom and Jerry and teach us all a valuable lesson on differences. It’s called Tom and Jerry 2: Putting on the Ritz.

Honestly, that sounds like it actually could just be the storyline for the second film … did I read about it in variety or something?


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