Head Over Heels Quiz

Oh man, so get this. I was pretending to be a supermodel (natch, I’m hot AF), but I tripped on my super high heels and fell … head over heels, and bopped my head on the catwalk. Now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Head Over Heels?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning our hero Amanda is looking for a place to live. Why?

2) Our hero also works at The Met restoring art. And her boss has a huuuuuge job for her. What does he want her to do?

3) We’re getting a meet cute up in here. How do Jim and Amanda meet? What does Jim do?

4) Amanda thinks she sees her new almost-boyfriend, Jim, kill a woman. What was he actually doing?

5) What plot does Jim and Amanda discover the bad guys were up to in the end?

Bonus Question: So, what happens to all of the supermodels after Jim and Amanda go off to live their wonderful lives together?


1) Well, she is dating a little actor names Timothy Olyphant and he is cheating on her for real, and doesn’t seem very sorry for it. So she’s out, and in need for a place to stay. She would stay with her workmate, but she is, let’s say, a bit too friendly for Amanda’s liking.

2) She is to help restore Titian’s The Bacchanal of the Andrians. That isn’t the important part though. She is specifically to restore a completely destroyed face where there is no trace of what it should like in the historical record. So she gets to go original on it (and chooses to make it her boyfriend’s face? Bizarre).

3) They meet outside of her new building. He claims he is walking his neighbor’s dog. The bog is a giant Great Dane and it pushes her down and almost hurts her, as he is wont to do, and Jim and very apologetic, and it is very (meet) cute. Jim is a fashion agent of some kind it is claimed, which intrigues Amanda’s new roommates who are all struggling supermodels.

4) Jim and the woman are both undercover FBI agents trying to infiltrate the Russian mafia. The mafia are starting to get suspicious of Jim and so the two agents arrange for Jim to “kill” the woman to get him some cred.

5) They were ultimately trying to smuggle Belgian diamonds (I guess from Africa or something?) into the US on fashion show outfits. Basically they would send dresses embossed with actual diamonds, and then replace them in the US with cheap fake diamonds. Et voila!

Bonus Answer: Spin off!! The television show Head Over Heels stars the four supermodels as wise beyond their years with a whole new desperate roommate to work their charms on every season. In the first season they take in a young up and coming supermodel and help her navigate the wild world of fashion. In the end she ends up falling for that cute “sports guy or whatever” who, it turns out, is the quarterback for the Jets. In the second season they take in a hopeful young author. Well, they can barely read, but they can show her the underbelly of the fashion world which gives her novel just the oomph it needs to get going. Naturally, the show continues far too long with only one supermodel (now in her forties and running a fashion magazine) still, for some reason, taking in roommates in her giant NYC apartment. But the farewell after the 16th season is a tearjerker, as all of the roommates throughout the years come to say one last farewell and shut off the lights one last time. It is followed by a disastrous TV movie 10 years later called Head Over Heels: Renovations and the potential HBO revival series is immediately scuttled. Too bad, the pilot was okay in my opinion.

Yeah. In the pilot there is a whole plot involving the Met and you see the old painting from the movie. Lots of fanservice for the Head Over Heels Extended Universe, but it worked I think. The issue with the movie was killing off Freddie Prinze Jr. in the opening. You know the fans are going to be mad about that!


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