Bio-Dome Quiz

Oh man, so get this? I accidentally got trapped in a Bio-Dome like a goober and threw a huge rager (like an idiot!), and now I’m really hung over and can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Bio-Dome?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In the beginning Bud and Doyle try and get out of Earth Day by staging an accident. What do they say happened and what actually happened?

2) How do the two morons end up at the Bio-Dome and trapped inside?

3) What ecosystems are there in the Bio-Dome?

4) Why are Bud and Doyle exiled to the desert? How do they escape?

5)  How do Bud and Doyle stop the now eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil Dr. Noah Faulkner from blowing up the Bio-Dome?

Bonus Question: In the intertitle sequence what do we learn happens to Faulkner after he runs out into the desert?


1) Bud claims that in honor of Earth Day Doyle wanted to take down the taxidermy mahi mahi above their couch when he fell and sustained a concussion. What actually happened was that Bud smashed Doyle in the head with an encyclopedia. 

2) Well first, in venegenge for not coming to Earth Day, Bud and Doyle’s girlfriends pretend they are going to Vasquez Lake for a kegger with swimmers. Once they realize the hilarious goof, they head back home, but on the way Doyle has to go to the bathroom so they try and go to the “mall” (the Bio-Dome). So they create a distraction and sneak in, whoops!

3) There is a rainforest, a farm, and a vast desert. All recreated down to meticulous detail … or so the lunatic who created the Bio-Dome says.

4) Well, first they are exiled to their room without food. That is easy for them to escape and, going through the air ducts, they end up in a storage closet with a bunch of junk food (which they eat) and a bunch of nitrous oxide (which they huff). Upon discovery they are thrown into the desert where they hallucinate and almost die … until they escape easily again using a key left in one of the windows of the dome by accident, whoops!!

5) Well, first Bud chases down Faulkner and struggles with him to get the controller. Then Doyle rigs up a trap to launch both Bud and Faulkner into the bug catching sticky paper. And finally, right before the Bio-Dome explodes, Doyle shot puts a rock into Faulkner’s head. Tada! Bio-Dome saved and Bud and Doyle are celebrities! 

Bonus Answer: Wandering the desert, babbling incoherently it looks like it’ll be the end for dear insane Faulker … but what’s that in the distance coming ever closer? It appears to be a van full of ecological researchers on their way to the Brazilian rainforest to study the effects of global warming! Naturally they idolize Faulker (and haven’t heard of his recent *ahem* bout of insanity) and take him along. In the rainforest he finds a very impressionable set of eco-acolytes you are all ready and willing to create the ecological cult that Faulkner has been dreaming of (with him as a God figure of course). As the authorities close in, Faulkner can think of only one thing to do: blow up the whole shebang (again). As the cult’s headquarters burn, the charred bodies of Interpol agents strewn about, Faulkner fades into the rainforest to finally become one with nature. But you know he will return, to kill again, to exact the sweet vengeance on Bud and Doyle he so fiercely deserves, mwuh-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha. Bio-Dome Legacy: The Faulkner Continuum.

That gets pretty grim for our dear friend Faulkner. I hope he doesn’t play a role in the sequel to Bio-Dome I’ve written a treatment for in the recap …


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