Yours, Mine & Ours (2005) Quiz

Oh man, so my new dad (who I hate!) made me go sailing (so dumb). And sure, he warned me the sail was coming about, but I wasn’t listening and I got bopped right on the head. Now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Yours, Mine & Ours (2005)?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At the beginning of the film the Beardsleys have just moved (again!!). From where to where, and why?

2) Where do Frank and Helen meet? How did they know each other?

3) What story does Frank tell Helen about why he wants to fix the lighthouse?

4) What 8 (or maybe 10?) things do the children do to try and drive Frank and Helen apart?

5) Why do the kids decide to stop Frank from becoming the Commandant, and how do they do it?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene a mysterious man walks up to Frank and Helen from their past. Who and why?


1) They just moved from San Diego to New London, Connecticut. And it is because Frank just got a promotion (again!!) to Admiral in the Coast Guard.

2) Well, he’s on a blind date with his friend’s ex-wife. And she’s at the restaurant to meet a client with her co-worker Max. And they are like “hey how aaaaaaaaare you” because they were prom king and queen way back in the day.

3) It is the story of the beautiful lighthouse keeper. You see, there was a beautiful lighthouse keeper (and her body was the bomb … ugh). And her husband was a sailor. And the lighthouse keeper told him that as long as the lighthouse light was lit, her love would be strong. And that way when he was at sea he could see the light and know she was waiting for him.

4) To Frank they put a pig in the bed, they pretend that Helen made a mess with the toothpaste, they dress some of the boys in dresses, and they mess up his organization board. To Helen they switch all of the car radio presets to military channels, and fill the refrigerator with meat. I think Frank ends up having the boys to drills (in response to the dresses) and it is also revealed that he believes in corporal punishment (ooooof). In the end they make up, but then the coup de grace is that the kids organized Helen’s studio, and then throw a party while Frank and Helen are out.

5) Because they just can’t lose another mother! At first the younger kids just decide to cheer up Helen, which means to make her studio messy again. In the meantime the older kids sail (like champions) to the Coast Guard ship Frank is on. But alas they can’t convince him … except what’s that! Is that the beautiful lighthouse keeper’s music! Helen fetched Frank home with the fixed lighthouse light and all is well in the blended North/Beardsley family. Hooooooray!

Bonus Answer: Oh boy, it’s Frank’s nemesis Greg from the Coast Guard Academy. He’s now a private contractor for the US Military and guess what else? He also has 18 kids (“And another on the way, can you believe it?” Frank can’t). Well now the family is in all kinds of trouble. Greg’s family is outvoting them in school elections and getting head cheerleader and all that jazz. Meanwhile Frank is losing himself in an ever escalating competition with Greg to see which family man is the better military man! This, obviously, culminates in the Big Family Picnic at the end of the summer, but not before Frank (going a bit crazy) tries to convince Helen to try for the big 1-9 just like Greg. In the end Frank learns a lesson in appreciating what he’s got, and Helen and him decide that 18 is more than enough children for any family. At the end Greg, sheepishly, admits he only came to town to convince/beg Frank to help him get a contract because he really needs the money (“You know how much milk I buy a week Frank!?” Frank does). Time for one big group hug before William is off to the Coast Guard academy himself!

It’s called Yours, Mine, Ours & Theirs and … wait a minute, I think I just described the plot of Cheaper by the Dozen 2. Whoops, please don’t sue me.


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