How High Quiz

Oh man, so get this. I was blazing it (natch) and now I can’t remember a thing. That’s it, just plum forgot what this movie was about. Do you remember what happened in How High?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Silas, a natural healing focused weed dealer, want to go to college? What about Jamal?

2) How do our two heroes meet and end up smashing the THCs?

3) Why does Jamal join the crew team?

4) Bart’s girlfriend Lauren is well on her way to becoming Silas’ girlfriend. Throughout the film she is seen studying some old American artifacts. Who does she think the artifacts are from?

5) What did everyone think the thing that Lisa Turtle discovered was, and what did it actually turn out to be?

Bonus Question: After the bloopies reel (not joking) you might have just missed the mid-credits scene where we learn the results of the election! So who won?


1) To get the real deal lab he always wanted! He’s a good guy, who grows weed to help the common man with his problems. Now Jamal? Well, his mother wants him to finally get his degree after six years in community college. That’s about that.

2) Magic! Quite literally. You see, Silas gave his friend Ivory a weed called The Bomb to help him watch Field of Dreams (which is so corny it would otherwise make Ivory fall asleep). Naturally, Ivory still falls asleep, lights himself on fire, and dies. Silas then uses his ashes to grow some weed. At the THCs Silas ends up having weed, but no papers, and Jamal has papers, but no weed (it’s a real Gift of the Magi situation … except the opposite). And so they smoke together and Ivory’s ghost help them get a perfect score on the THCs.

3) Jamal joins crew because he meets Bart. And guess what? Barts a rich d-bag. And so Jamal is going to show him a thing or two. And guess what? No one else likes Bart either so it looks like Jamal is going to throw down some sweet zingers and make the team!

4) Ben Franklin. One of the artifacts is clearly a cannon. But maybe it is a telescope or something else entirely right? … Well, no, it is clearly a cannon. Anyways, I’m sure she’ll figure out whatever wild invention Ben Franklin was suppose to have invented in this alternate reality.

5) Well it looks like a cannon, and specifically Benjamin Franklin’s cannon. And you know, if it walks like a cannon, and quacks like a cannon, then it is obviously a bong. Don’t worry, despite your skepticism Ben Franklin’s ghost appears to assure you that he did indeed blaze it 420 hot crispy delights, ya heard?

Bonus Answer: Obviously (checks notes) the Vice President obviously won! Which leads right into the sequel, because guess who is moving into the Lincoln Bedroom for the next few years! That’s right, Silas and Jamal are heading to Washington D.C. to get jobs in the United States Department of Health and Human Services developing their herbal for the greater good of all Americans. Naturally, Lisa Turtle also comes as she has a job in the Smithsonian. Well, before they know it the news is abuzz with reports of Evil Herbal, a version of marijuana which makes people go insane! Well, there is only one thing to do, recruit our heroes into the CIA and send them to Eastern Europe to investigate a drug ring and probably use their never-before-mentioned elite X-Games skills to befriend the extreme sports loving crime bos and take down Evil Herbal before it destroys marijunan forever!

I’ll call it How High: State of the Union obviously. And yes, we are recasting Jeffery Jones.


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