What Happens in Vegas Quiz

Oh man, guess what? I go suuuuuuuper drunk in Vegas and … what? No I’m already married. I was just going to say I don’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in What Happens in Vegas?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) The heroes of our story just have a no good terrible week prior to heading off to Sin City. What happens to both of them that makes them want to get away?

2) In Vegas how do Diaz and Kutcher meet that results in them having a craaaaaazy time in Vegas?

3) How much money do the two (now married) lovebirds win at the slots in Vegas which causes a bit of an issue with them getting an annulment back in NYC?

4) Over the next six months they both try and make each other’s lives hell. Specifically though they try and get the other to cheat on them since that is easiest. What things do each of them do to achieve this goal?

5) How many lighthouses are there 30 miles east of the city according to Ashton Kutcher? Which one was Cameron Diaz waiting at?

Bonus Question: After a nice bloopie reel the movie reopens on Vegas to a flashback to the night Diaz and Kutcher got married. What else happened that night?


1) Diaz get dumped by her fiance who thinks she is just too much work to deal with, especially since they both have very high stress jobs already. Kutcher is basically the opposite, he got fired by his dad from the family company because he goofs off, never completes things, and in general is just a nogoodnik.

2) They both, coincidentally, get booked into the same room by accident. When the boys show up the gals flip out because there are strangers leering at them in their room and there is just a whole big todo. They parlay this into penthouse suites and VIP tix all over Vegas. What a deal!

3) Three million dollars. About 50% goes to taxes and a little bit was spent by each of them in the next 6 months, so in the end they end up having to try and split $1.4 million.

4) Diaz’s attempt was mostly half-hearted, she just set up a bit party where a bunch of attractive ladies went over to the apartment. It would have made more sense to hook in The B**** in Apartment 23 who was Kutcher’s kind of girlfriend, but whatever. Kutcher’s plan kind of works, although Diaz doesn’t cheat on him. He convinces Sudekis (Diaz’s ex-fiance) that Diaz has turned over a whole new leaf, which makes Sudekis intrigued and a bit super-jelly. It does actually end up getting Diaz to give up the money since she because super sad and disenchanted with Kutcher for this betrayal. 

5) Difficult one. There are five lighthouses 30 miles east of the city, apparently. The one that she is waiting at is the (actual) one on Fire Island. You can see him taking the ferry there. Interesting to think that it would be very trivial to determine that the picture is of fire island lighthouse these days. Back then? I still think it would be easy enough. There isn’t even really five lighthouses, it is more like three unless you are thinking she might be talking about Connecticut instead of Long Island. And really if you are talking about the most likely one, there is only one lighthouse around 30 miles that is on the south shore of Long Island and that is the one on Fire Island. So really rather easy even with rudimentary maps programs.

Bonus Answer: We see a scene in which it is revealed that that very same night Kutcher legally adopted his friend Hater (Corrdry)! Flash forward to the sequel, and Hater has just discovered this fact and … uh oh, his lizard brain is turning. That means he was Kutcher’s son when Kutcher won that $3 million. And that also means if Kutcher and Diaz die … but no, he couldn’t do that. He would be a murderer (and he’s a terrible lawyer to boot, so you know he’s going to go to jail if he did it). But maybe, just maybe, if there was some sort of … accident. Recruiting Tipper and Galifianakis, they set up a series of elaborate death traps for their friends, but all are hilariously foiled. In the end Hater accepts that it is better to have a friend than a few million dollars … plus, if he just waits 40-50 years, he might just get loot with interest anyways!

Critics called it “the feel bad movie event of the year”. What Happens in Vegas: Baby Boom is a terrible name, but apt for the sequel.


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