School for Scoundrels (2006) Quiz

Oh man, so here’s the thing, I went to this school for scoundrels and, naturally, while learning to be a total dick to people someone punched me right in the face and I got a massive concussion. Now I can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in School for Scoundrels?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Heder has a load of people stepping on him in his life. Like at his job. What does he do for a living?

2) How does Heder learn about the School for Scoundrels anyways?

3) What are Heder’s tasks that he has to do for class? That is, prior to him getting his personal assignment of starring in a romantic comedy (there are two).

4) Well, things are looking up now for Heder. He’s getting the girl … and what’s that? Mr. P is trying to go out with her too?! But why? Why would he do that (he claims)?

5) Who does Heder to go visit to get his mojo back at the end of the film?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene Heder gets two calls back-to-back, from whom?


1) He’s a parking police officer, and hooooooooooooooooooooooo doggy, is nothing going right. He tries to give a ticket to someone, and they shoot out his little buggy’s tires and he passes out. Then he ends up giving them all his money and his uniform and everything as well! Just things are never going right!

2) Well the second thing that just never goes right for Heder is that his Little Brother decides that he doesn’t want to be his Little Brother anymore. And apparently that is the third time that’s happened in the last six months. So that is embarrassing. Well, when Heder has a breakdown the guy who runs the Little Brother puts him in touch with the School for Scoundrels.

3) The first task is simply to “initiate a confrontation” with someone. He chooses to steal his co-workers danish and magazine … and gets a swirly in return. The second is a paintball game (fun!) … and Heder gets popped in the nuts like seven times.

4) Well, some people think he’s just ultra-competitive and he takes down the best in the class for sport and ruins their lives. He claims that he picks out a sheep from ever class to know he deserves to continue to be their shepherd. But I have a feeling … it started that way a little, but then he either hates Heder so much or loves the girl that he just can’t stop (even though he should).

5) He goes to Pittsville (or whatever) where the legendary student (played by Ben Stiller) lives his sad life after getting destroyed by Dr. P. He needs to know what Dr. P did to him in order to combat it and destroy Dr. P instead! What a twist!

Bonus Answer: The first is from Amanda, sorry brother, it’s over! You might be acting like a scoundrel, but that doesn’t make you not a loser. The second call is from Billy Bob. He’s in prison, but he can get out … he just needs someone to sponsor him and allow him to stay with them. Turns out being a legit garbage person doesn’t exactly make you friends (whoops!). Heder is reluctant, but Billy Bob promises to reveal the true secret to unlocking all of what he desires (do you think he would tell a bunch of losers how to actually be a scoundrel, c’mon). And the story is off. What an odd couple! There is fighting galore, and of course Billy Bob lied about the secret, but don’t you see. While Heder had him as a roommate he got a new job, he got a new girl … all it took was a wingman. And guess what, while Billy Bob was living with Heder he stayed out of trouble, almost like his had an angel on his shoulder. Wait a minute … is the real secret to getting all that you desire … friendship?

You bettah belieb it! School for Scoundrels: Friendship is Magic (Literally) would be my fake title.


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