Sleepless Quiz

Oh man, so get this. I was totes like stealing this drug dealer’s stuff, when he ripped off my mask and bopped me right on the head! Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Sleepless?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does Scoot McNairy need the 20 kilos of cocaine from Dermot Mulroney?

2) For his part in the above issue with the cocaine what part of his cousin’s body does Scoot McNairy cut off?

3) In the beginning of the film Monaghan is just coming back from leave. Why was she on leave?

4) The middle part of the film is mostly Foxx running around trying to avoid the bad guys. But for a bit the bad guys are off his back. How does Foxx briefly trick the drug dealers into leaving?

5) At the end everything comes together. Why was Foxx undercover in the end?

Bonus Question: Uh oh, in the mid-credits scene there’s a call for Foxx in the hospital. Who could it be?


1) Well you see, McNairy’s cousin was a blabbermouth and went to the DEA and told them all about a drug shipment they were making. So that’s a loss. So they go to Mulroney to make up the difference. One problem: their shipment was stolen by Foxx.

2) Scoot McNairy cuts off his cousin’s tongue. And then he quickly gets it like … embalmed or something and put into a nice box so that he can show it off to Mulroney later in the film. Don’t worry Mulroney, you are definitely dying by the end of this film anyways.

3) She got all beat up. At least that is what they indicate. That she got a bit over her head in an investigation and busted into a drug house all by her lonesome, and then a druggie beat her up. Seemingly so badly that everyone is pretty sure she should have PTSD.

4) He gives them bags of sugar, breaks up the zipper of the bag they are carried in, and then pays off a bartender to bring up a bottle of champagne so that they think that his cop friends are coming up. Oh yeah, he also admits to everyone he’s a cop. It is a decent enough plan. In the original it was flour, but this time I think it is sugar.

5) He was taking down a corrupt internal affairs officer, in particular Harbour. All the stuff that happened during the course of the film was kind of only because his son got kidnapped, but at the beginning it is all a set up to get IA involved to reveal Harbour as being a bad guy I think.

Bonus Answer: It is his IA handler, and he just heard through the grapevine that the DEA wants to see him. He wants to give Foxx the heads up, because he suspects their little IA investigation goes a bit higher than they originally thought. They went through Harbour’s phone and he had like … a lot of calls to a few DEA agents which they have no record of. So Foxx is off (no time to be hurt) and Monaghan is ready for action. They surprise the DEA at their Las Vegas headquarters (uh oh the Foxx is in the henhouse now!) and using a distraction Monaghan starts sneaking around to reveal the plot. But oh ho, who is this but the big bad drug dealer. And he’s in office? He’s never supposed to come here, he knows that! But in the end there is a shootout at the DEA itself, and naturally the bad guy gets got, and Foxx gets even more injured. So what are you going to do now (asks Monaghan)? “Get a good night’s rest *wink*”, bam, smash cut to black.It is, you guessed it, called Sleepless 2: Good Night’s Rest. And the crowd goes wild! Obviously the end of the trilogy is the reveal that the President himself is in on the whole kit and caboodle and only Jamie Foxx can take him down (that’s called Sleepless 3: Snooze Button).


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