Oscar Quiz

Oh man, what a day! Like, I’ve had to arrange like forty marriages and the cops are after me, it’s nuts. I’m so twist-turned around I actually can’t remember a thing! Do you remember what happened in Oscar?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) At the beginning of the film Angelo’s father makes him promise one thing before he dies. What is it?

2) A month later Angelo gets an urgent call at home at the uncommonly early hour of 8:45AM. From whom and why?

3) What a twist? Angelo just keeps on getting visitors. This time from a nice young lady. What spanner does she want to throw in the works of Oscars increasingly complicated day?

4) There is like a big switcheroo involving three bags. What are in all of the bags?

5) So … who marries who in the end?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene we see the now arrested Vendetti gets some visitors in his cell. Who?


1) He makes Angelo promise, in front of his family, and the priest, and Jesus Christ, and the Madonna that he’ll give up his shameful criminal life. And he does. He promises he’ll go straight. Which given that this is a set up for the film, seems like it must ultimately be a mistake.

2) His accountant (Anthony) has arrived and guess what he wants? A raise. But guess what else he wants? To get married! And guess who he wants to get married to? Angelo’s daughter. UH OH. And guess what he did to guarantee that he’ll be able to provide for her. That’s right, he stole fifty thousand dollars from Angelo. How bold.

3) Well, it turns out she’s actually the “daughter” that Anthony is in love with (what a twist!). She lied to him in order to try and impress him, and now she’s in a bind. She needs Angelo to pretend that she is her daughter, so that Anthony will still marry her. And guess what? Angelo is quite keen on the situation because he now sees a way to get his money back.

4) Well the first bag has $50K which Anthony converted into a bag full of jewels. The second was another $60K which Anthony also stole, but it was just a big old bag of money. And the last bag was the maid’s bag exclusively filled with undergarments.

5) Both of Angelo’s daughters get married. Lisa gets married to Dr. Poole, and Teresa to Anthony. And then, don’t forget, the maid got married to the very rich Underwood.

Bonus Answer: Oh man, it’s those hilarious Finucci brothers! Of course they are allowed to do (jump)suit fittings in prison for the various mafia figures kept there. From there we naturally move onto my new Netflix Series called The Finucci Bros Fine Italian Suits. It is a chapter by chapter farce that takes place within the Finucci’s suit tailoring business in 1930s … uh, unnamed city? I guess we are probably in New York. Anyways, each story involves them fitting a suit while WILD events occur in the period piece of New York in depression / prohibition era mafia rule. We see the ups and downs of fitting suits, seeing their suits make the front page, and getting all wrapped up in the silly happenings of these hilarious (and definitely not horrible) people running around New York.

You know? Actually, sounds like fun. I’m not sure how well “hilarious farce about murder anf mayhem in New York” plays these days, but I still think it could work.

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