Rambo: First Blood Part II Quiz

Hmmm the last thing I remember I was being sent into Vietnam on some mission because I’m the best and super muscular. But I did get electrocuted a bunch and receive multiple blows to the head by some eeeevil Russians. Do you remember what happened to me in Rambo: First Blood Part II?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) In First Blood John Rambo was just a disenchanted soldier with some PTSD who ended up messing up a little town in Washington. How many years does he have left in his prison sentence at the beginning of the sequel?

2) Turns out Rambo can get one of those sweet Presidential Pardons, if he goes on one tiny mission (he’ll barely even realize he’s gone). What is this mission?

3) Why doesn’t the eeeeeeevil Murdoch want Rambo to succeed / bring back a rescued POW?

4) What do the Russians want Rambo to tell his American handlers (i.e. Murdoch) while they are electrocuting him and other eeeeevil junk?

5) How does Rambo defeat the last eeeevil Russian General?


1) John Rambo, American hero, has five years left on his sentence. He came back to America and found a quiet war against winning (ugh), and his mind just broke. And now he has to pay the price. Unless he gets that sweet Presidential Pardon that is!

2) He is to go into Vietnam, go to a (presumably empty) military camp, and if there are POWs there take pictures of them. ONLY PICTURES. An extraction team will deal with the prisoners if there are any.

3) The entire point of the mission was to make the argument that there weren’t any POWs left in Vietnam. There was supposed to be reparations paid to the country after the war, but the US refused. Because of this the military in Vietnam refused to hand over prisoners. Murdoch knows that if it is known that there could still be soldiers there, the US might pay what he feels is a ransom for the men. So his goal is for the mission to show there are no POWs to rescue, and he’ll leave Rambo for dead if necessary to get his way. So evil.

4) They want him to say that he’s been tried and sentenced to death for espionage basically, to deter them from attempting a rescue and to let them know that those in charge know they’ve been meddling where they aren’t supposed to be.

5) He is getting chased by this super sweet looking helicopter, and they are definitely going to die. But they Rambo pulls a little possum maneuver. He pretends that he died in a crash after a big explosion, but then right at the last minute he pops up and smokes the helicopter with a bazooka. It was rad.

Right, now I remember, I became the True American Hero Rambo and f-ed up a bunch of commies. I exploded a guy. It was gross.


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