Crocodile Dundee II Quiz

G’day mate! Put some more shrimp on the barbie. I’ve been on holidays for so long in NYC that I’ve sadly forgotten what happened in this movie. Do you remember what happened in Crocodile Dundee II?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What are the three tracks that Dundee tests the children in the playground on?

2) Why is the drug lord kidnapping / chasing Dundee and his boo?

3) What argument does Dundee use to convince the hardcore teenage gang to help him storm the druglords Long Island castle?

4) Roughly how large is Dundee’s land claim in the Australian bush, and what useful thing can you find on it?

5) Who shoots who in the final standoff between Dundee and the drug kingpin?


1) The first was a snake. The second was a kind of lizard. And the final one was (surprise twist!) the children’s bicycles. What a joker, he loves kids!

2) The drug lord was caught by Sue’s ex-husband (a photojournalist) murdering a man at a cocaine plantation. Before getting murdered himself he sends the photo’s to Sue. Dundee happens to pick it up, and thus gets all wrapped up with the kidnapping situation (good thing too!).

3) He points out this gang the purports to be super “hard” is in fact not “hard” because they generally just hang out at their bar and don’t do much. But guess what is “hard” … storming a castle on Long Island. And all you need is a few terrible wolf imitations. Super “hard”.

4) Sue suggests it is about the size of New York State (larger really, but I’m going to go with that). And while it is basically entirely fallow and thus useless to grow crops on, there is a gold mine located within it which is Dundee’s retirement fund.

5) Dundee’s friend Walter shoots who he thinks is the drug lord, but was in fact Dundee who was wearing the drug lords clothing. The drug lord’s second in command then kills who he thinks is Dundee, but who is in fact the drug lord. And then Sue kills the second in command. This leaves Dundee as the only survivor, hooray!

Ah right, it is time to go into hiding in the Australian bush. Sorry, drug lord, now you are in my natural habitat. Boom!


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