Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles Quiz

G’day mate! Give me a Fosters, mate. It’s Australian for beer. And I’ve been drinking so much Fosters, that I’ve managed to forget what happened in this movie. Do you remember what happened in Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Why does the Dundee family move to Los Angeles?

2) What is so suspicious about the production company that Sue ultimately sets out to complete a story about?

3) What does Mike Tyson teach Mick and Michael Dundee in the park?

4) Why is Crocodile Dundee such a good detective (according to Crocodile Dundee)?

5) What is ultimately the racket that the production company is running behind the scenes? How are they making their illegal cash monies?


1) Sue’s father wants her to help run a newspaper he owns in Los Angeles. The person who was running it died under mysterious circumstances … better have your daughter just hop right into the driver seat without dwelling too long on that.

2) They basically make no money. As a matter of fact they lose boatloads. They made an initial film, Lethal Agent, which bombed. Hard. They then made a direct-to-video sequel which also bombed. Hard. And now they are making a third film. Why, Sue wonders, are they just doubling down on a failing formula. The movie would have been much better if they had just been like “Hollywood accounting, the film actually makes money regardless”.

3) How the meditate and gain powaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Weird as all get out.

4) Because he watched a lot of crime procedurals on television. So … wait, I’m an amazing detective?

5) They have, against all odds, discovered a cache of paintings that were thought to have been destroyed during the Bosnian Civil War. They are smuggling them in in an elaborate movie-prop conspiracy which would legit fool no one. But that’s the plan. Smuggle them in, destroy a bunch of copies on film, and then sell to private collectors for boatloads. One problem … they forgot about Crocodile Dundee! And guess what? He’s in Los Angeles.

Ah right, I went to Los Angeles! That makes sense considering the title of the film. Boy did I feel like a fish out of water and get myself into some wacky hijinks. Welp … see you later!


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