Turbulence Quiz

Well yeah, I was on this airplane and there was maybe a serial killer? But then there was some super scary turbulence, I hit my head, and I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Turbulence?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) What is the serial killer name that the media gives to Liotta’s character?

2) What crime did the other criminal, played by Brendan Gleeson, commit that got him put onto the Con Air? Oh was … that not the name they gave this flight?

3) Early in the flight both pilots are killed. How did each of them die?

4) How many people, in total, die during this ill-fated Con Air? Wait … for real, that isn’t what this movie is called? The name seems just so a propos!

5) The flight almost lands initially, but has to pull up at the last second. Why, and how did they solve the issue?


1) He is known as the Lonely Hearts Strangler. Because he loves to seduce the ladies and then murder them. Cold blooded.

2) He was a bank robber. He then murders a few guys before threatening to throw a US Marshal out of the plane. But our hero (wait no … villain, what a twist!) Liotta kills him.

3) The main pilot is shot in the back during the standoff with Gleeson’s character by accident. The co-pilot then hits his head in the cockpit during some turbulence. Ray Liotta, after checking on him, then strangles him to death.

4) The answer is, I think, nine. The four US Marshals are all killed. Brandan Gleeson is killed. Both pilots are killed, and one flight attendant is killed. In the end, Ray Liotta also dies (spoilies!)

5) The plane at some points picks up a car on one of its wheels (for real) and thus can’t land without risking crashing. The fight jet, sent to shoot the plane down outside of Los Angeles, instead goes rogue and shoots the car off of the landing gear. Good for him I guess, saved like 10 people’s lives, although at that moment they probably thought only Lauren Holly was alive, but whatever.

Ah right, yeah, Liotta was a crazy serial killer who wanted to crash the plane … but then just like doesn’t crash the plane. He just leaves the plane flying and just hopes it crashes eventually. Great plan weirdo.


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