Supercross Quiz

Oh man, so I was the bad boy of motocross (natch) and really wanted to take out this goodie two shoes KC Carlyle, but man, instead I took myself out and sustained a massive concussion. I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Supercross?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Trip and KC live and breathe motocross. But that isn’t their day jobs, what do they do to make actual money?

2) Trip is in full meltdown mode when KC gets a factory ride with Nami. At a bar he decides to challenge a motorcyclist to a race. What do they race for and who wins?

3) Trip and Piper start to get preeeeeeeeeeetty friendly. And their father’s used to know each other. What deal does Piper’s father offer Trip to get him in the big race?

4) Prior to the big race Trip gets into a big accident while protecting KC from a dirty rider. What injuries does he sustain?

5) Why does KC quit Nami?

Bonus Question: Mid-credit we see the brothers celebrating their huge win in a bar when a shadow approaches. Who shows up and why?


1) They evidently clean pools. Well, we see them clean a pool. And instead of cleaning it they went swimming instead. And these are people who we are supposed to think will win Supercross? Fat chance (or is it?!).

2) They are racing for pink slips … well, Trip would get the motorcycle, but the motorcyclist doesn’t want Trip’s garbage bike, so instead he would get Trip’s pool cleaning truck. And obviously the actual motorcycle wins and Trip loses the truck like a goober.

3) Well, he’s going to lone Trip a sweeeet Honda bike. He’ll race on Sundays, be in the gym on Mondays, no booze or drugs, and they split winnings 50-50. Oh … and he has to keep his day job cleaning pools.

4) Well he fractured his leg and hip. But that isn’t the worst bit. You see … he has such a bad concussion that if he ever gets into a big accident again he’ll die! His motocross career is dunzo. *Sad piano music*.

5) Trip was right broooooooo. Nami wasn’t going to ever let him win, Rowdy is the star, he sells bikes brooooooooo. So he had to get out of there and go solo in Trip’s place with Hog Heaven Honda.

Bonus Answer: Tyler Evans bro. And it isn’t to pound KC’s face. “Tyler Evans … Interpol. We’ve been following the suspicious death of your father for a while, but your win today convinced us. We need your help.” What thuuuuuu they both say in tandem. It turns out their father was a secret agent for the CIA and was (very suspiciously) killed while on assignment motocrossing in Sri Lanka. “It’s about fambly” says KC while swigging on an ice cold Corona. Jet setting to Bulgaria (or something) they have to enter a motocross race to get in with the local crime lord (and gear head, played by Vinny D of course … not Vin Diesel, we couldn’t afford him, the other Vinny D, Vincent D’Onofrio). Naturally, they get the loot, solve the suspicious mystery of their father’s death, and don’t get the girls (“Monogamy” Trip says with a fist bump). The end … until Supercross 3 that is.

Yeah, the sequel is called 2 Super 2 Cross obviously and kicks off the series (Supercross: Tokyo Flips, Super Cross, Super Five, Super Cross 6, Cross Seven, The Weight of the Cross, S9, and then the spin off sequel Supercross Presents: Evans & Sparks). 


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