Halloween: Resurrection Quiz

Oh man, so I was facing off with Michael Myers … again … for like the eighth time. And wouldn’t you know it, but I slipped on some blood, and bopped my noggin. Now I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Halloween: Resurrection?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) Wait a tick, I seem to remember Laurie Strode decapitating her brother in the last film. How exactly do they go about explaining that little problem in Resurrection?

2) And now Laurie Strode is dead yo! But people still don’t quite think Michael is back jack. Why?

3) Six people spend the night in the Myers house. That’s a mistake. Why do they do it? Not like … what are their motivations (which are specific to each one), like literally what are they getting in return?

4) Throughout the film we get to see the thrilling scenes of … a bunch of people watching the webcam footage of the film at a Halloween costume party. What is the character who is leading the watch party dressed as?

5) Out of the original six people and the rest of the Dangertainment crew how many people survive the house of horror?

Bonus Question: In the mid-credits scene we smash cut to a year later where we see a For Sale sign being removed from the Myers house. Who bought it?


1) No worries, Michael Myers just secretly Hannibal Lectered some poor paramedic and took his place Hitman: Agent 47 style. How many other films can I mention to describe this, frankly, ludicrous explanation that Strode actually decapitated a poor half-dead paramedic and is now in a mental institution? Actually resurrect him with the Cult of Thorn you cowards!

2) Michael gets away because he pins everything on a conveniently positioned mental patient who is obsessed with serial killers. And guess who he might be obsessed with? Michael Myers. And naturally he now has a bloody knife and one dead sister-of-Michael-Myers. Convenient.

3) They are, in fact, getting a scholarship. It is mentioned once or twice, but you could be forgiven for thinking that the reasoning was merely fame and fortune. Really that is the main motivation of Katee Sackhoff, but not most of the others. And in the end I’m sure most of them will attempt to stay in the house merely for the guaranteed money that comes with the deed.

4) He’s dressed as John Travolta from Pulp Fiction. His friend is dressed (distastefully) as Samuel L. Jackson from the same film. Other costumes include Archie (at the very least), and eventually everyone is like “this is sweet” despite the show objectively being horrible.

5) Two. That’s a pretty sweet body count. Typically you at least have old man Loomis hanging around as Myers’ counterweight. But here they really go for the full Last Girl trope and it seems like they only leave Sara alive. They then kind of ruin it by having Busta Rhymes evade death not once but twice.

Bonus Answer: Huh, it is a mysterious man we haven’t seen before. The realtor comes up and says “It’s been a hell of a time convincing people Myers is dead and gone, I’m glad you could see through the superstition. What’s your name again?” “Loomis … Dr. Samuel Loomis Jr.” Bah bah bahhhhhhhh. But Loomis knows that Michael is not really dead. Couldn’t possibly be dead, as long as the house, even in ruins, exists. “Are you ready father?” Loomis says, as guess who walks up? That’s right, John Tate, Laurie Strode’s son! He’s a priest now, and they are ready to exorcize the house once and for all. But obviously The Shape, rising from the graveyard, can’t let that happen. As Loomis and Tate battle the specter, the house burns around them, but can they destroy the ancient evil that imbues its very bones and banish Michael to Hell once and for all?

Find out in Halloween: Exorcism. Coming this Halloween exclusively to the special Criterion Collection release of Halloween: Resurrection.


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