Poltergeist II: The Other Side Quiz

Oh man, so get this. I was taken to The Other Side. NBD. But turns out, it’s just like a place you float around. Anyways, something bopped me right on the head, and now I don’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Poltergeist II: The Other Side?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) We open with Carol Anne’s family living with her grandmother. Why? Like why specifically can’t they find another house to live in?

2) In the last movie Carol Anne speaks to the evil entity through the television. In this film what does she (kind of) use to communicate with them instead (since the family doesn’t have a television anymore)?

3) A Native American man by the name of Taylor shows up to help them. Why? Also, what event ultimately makes them trust him?

4) Who is Kane?

5) How do they kill Kane?

Bonus Question: 


1) They don’t have the money to buy another house because the insurance didn’t cover the destruction of the last house. The insurance company straight up just doesn’t believe that it vanished. So that’s a problem.

2) She has a little toy phone which she occasionally (although infrequently) uses to talk to … well I guess Kane? I can’t imagine, since Kane wasn’t in the last film, but that is probably what the film is trying to make you believe.

3) Tangina sent him. They also vaguely allude to Kane being enemies of the Native Americans (although that is dropped in the third movie). At first they don’t trust him, but then at a roadside diner a woman speaks to JoBeth Williams with the voice of her mother and that convinces them that Taylor means well.

4) Kane was the leader of a cult who came out West to be weirdos long ago. They were, as I said, enemies of the Native American people who lived in the area. Ultimately Kane took his followers into an underground cave where they all collectively died. And that it who was really haunting the house in Poltergeist.

5) First, the family goes under the graveyard into the cave system. There they find / Taylor creates a portal to The Other Side. As a family they all jump in (because only together as a family can they defeat Kane’s power). They come face to face with Kane, at which time Taylor throws a spear into The Other Side and Craig T. Nelson snags it (what a catch!) and smashes it right into Kane’s face, killing him once and for all (or is it? … nope there’s a sequel)

Bonus Answer: Smash cut to 30 years in the future and we see Carol Anne, and what’s this … she’s the head of a cult?! A Cult that worships in a mega-church on the site of her old house. Her father is there, and mother and they all worship at the flock of Carol Anne who preaches the teachings of Kane. We are introduced to a woman and her daughter, a young girl stricken with a disease that leaves her wheelchair bound. But, oh Carol Anne, it’s a miracle! She walks again after meeting the woman! But there is a disturbed young man. It’s Carol Anne’s brother. And he insists that that isn’t Carol Anne. That’s a mirror Carol Anne. That while, yes, they attacked Kane on the Other Side, they didn’t defeat him. He instead attached himself to Carol Anne, who in turn has been spreading the evil that is Kane through her flock in the form of “miracles”. And indeed, the daughter seems cured … but also seems off. She talks to forms and figments and seems to commune with Carol Anne at a distance. It’s unnatural. So they set off to unbury the secrets of Kane’s cult and to get to the bottom of the Poltergeist once and for all!

Oooooooh, Poltergeist III: Part 1: The Cult is a direct sequel to Poltergeist II: The Other Side. You get right on outta here, Poltergeist III!


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