Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers Quiz

Oh man. So last year my uncle tried to kill me. This year, I totes have a real bad psychic connection with him! Naturally this results in me “losing time” and I can’t remember a thing. Do you remember what happened in Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers?

Pop Quiz Hot Shot!

1) One year later Michael awakens, the psychic connection between him and Jamie in full force. Where was Michael for the year he was missing?

2) We also see a symbol on Michael’s wrist, and we see glimpses of a mysterious Man in Black. What symbol, what does it mean, and who is the Man in Black?

3) Throughout the film we see the psychic connection at work. What does she psychically witness via the connection?

4) The climax of the film occurs at the farm where all of the teenagers are having a party. Lucky for Tina, Jamie shows up to distract Miachel. Ultimately how does Jamie escape?

5) What is the ultimate plan to kill Michael?

Bonus Question: You thought we left it on a cliffhanger? Then you must not have seen the mid-credits scene where they showed just where the Man in Black took Michael. Where?


1) Hiding with a recluse yo. Well, it seems like he was in some sort of coma and the guy was somehow keeping him alive magically? It is crazy. He’s hooked up to a blood transfusion and stuff.

2) Trick question, we somehow find out nothing about these things throughout the film. You would think we would, but alas, that is for the sequel that they definitely knew would come out six years later.

3) First she witnesses Michael coming back to life. Second, she witnesses Michael going to Rachel’s house and her dog Max barking at Michael. Third, she witnesses Rachel being attacked by Michael in the house. Fourth, when she wakes up realizing Michael is watching the teenagers talking at the car. Fifth, when Michael picks up Tina (while Jamie is at the pageant). Sixth, she connects with him while he is killing Tina. Seventh, she sees Michael stalking Billy at the clinic.

4) We all know he didn’t actually die. But basically, Jamie runs through what appears to be a Christmas tree farm, and then dipping and dodging she manages to cause Michael to crash his sweet ride (stolen from the other Michael) into a tree … but you know that isn’t going to stop the unstoppable superkiller. As usual Loomis pops up after a 30-40 minute absence from the story to save them and saves her at the last second.

5) Loomis tells Michael that Jamie is waiting at his house. Loomis and Jamie then lay in wait with support officers inside and outside of the house. Unfortunately Michael has other plans. He stalks Billy knowing Jamie will see him do it and the police will go there instead. Loomis, acting on instinct, keeps Jamie there knowing it’ll be the last chance to kill Michael. Loomis then decides to … talk to him? That obviously doesn’t work idiot. But using Jamie as bait Loomis managed to trap Michael under a metal net. Unfortunately Loomis dies of a heart attack while trying to beat Michael to death.

Bonus Answer: As we will learn the Man in Black is a follower of the Cult of Thorn and obvs he has to take Myers back to Ireland to recuperate with the sea air. And recuperate he does. Now, at first, Michael and the Man in Black (MiB) just don’t get along, they are such an odd couple! Michael is a slob, but MiB is always meticulously shining the steel tips of his sweet cowboy boots. Michael sits in stony silence for years on end, but MiB just loves to discuss the hot goss from the most recent Grey’s Anatomy (he’s totally a McSteamy guy!). In the end Michael thinks he has to kill MiB but … he doesn’t want to? Is this … love? MiB stares into the nothingness of Michael’s vacant expression, “Don’t be afraid of your feelings Michael, you deserve love.” They tenderly kiss. They live and love and grow old together. One day, long in the future, they are holding hands when an old lady approaches. “Michael?” she says, “I’m your niece, Jaime.” MiB is horrified, “Michael no!!” But alas, it is too late, Michael is upon her, brutally murdering her. Finally, his mission is complete.

Yeah, that isn’t a sequel, that is a 45 minute mid-credits scene and the ultimate conclusion to Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers. That’s the titular “revenge”. It was a long time coming.


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